Marcus Magic Show

Marcus Magic Show

Marcus magic show is Unique Comedy, Magic And Audience Participation Will Make Your Special Event Memorable And Talked About For A Very Long Time. More than a Magician; Magic Marcus combines clever magic with witty patter that leaves audiences howling with laughter. Magic Marcus`s unique blending of magic and humor has made him a well sought after magician. 14 years of performing throughout British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario has fine tuned Magic Marcus`s show guaranteed to entertain the young and young at heart. Humorous mystical entertainment that will tickle your funny bone and explore your imagination. Watch as a live dove magically appears out of no where. Then disappears while using his personal travelling toilet( ya just gotta see it to believe it!) Then reappears out of a ..........mmmmm gotta keep that as a surprise you will be amazed! Then one doves turns to two in a second thanks to a volunteer. Another helper instantly turns a pot of rice to goldfish swimming around in their bowl. A real pleaser for the skeptical mind. A audience member attempts to magically make a rabbit but (omg) they make a real live lizard instead! Of course at last with another attempt from the birthday child a rabbit is also made. The children then get to meet all the animals after the show. A perfect opportunity for the children to asks questions about the animals and magic which they often do. Talk about a Kodak moment!! Make sure you bring your camera as the children can have their pictures taken with the animals. What a value for your dollar! Live entertainment with live animals and a little petting zoo after the show!

Personal note from Magic Marcus: 

I truly love performing magic for children and their friends and family. The most common compliments that l receive and cherish. Is that a have a special way with children, and alot of patience. 
It`s my passion to give every child l perform for a special positive memory of magic that l know they will carry with them throughout their adult lives! 
I was six years old when l saw my first magician, l remember every detail about that experience. 

I`ve work with children with Autism and Asperger`s syndrome on many occasions. I not only amazed the children l amazed the teachers. They are impress how my show can keep them engage for a hour. 


-Birthdays Parties 
-Christmas Parties 
-Corporate Parties 


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