Sugar, Spice, and Cotton Candy Machines - That’s What Dream Events Are Made Of

So you want to throw an event to remember. You’re not interested in your everyday, average old birthday party, or your lackluster get together of friends or business associates. You want this celebration to go down in the books, and the photo albums, as a unique and special occasion that won’t soon be forgotten.

But how?

If there’s something that’s sure to get people in the party spirit, it’s the sight of fluffy strands of sugary goodness, being wound into a crystally cloud of delight. Cotton candy machines add an air of carnival fun and are sure to wow your guests.

There’s no need to invest in purchasing a cotton candy machine for a single event, or an annual festivity. Choosing to rent this sugar-spinning party prop is a great way to conserve your dollars, as well as your space.


Depending on the size and type of event you’re planning, Fiesta Rentals has a few different cotton candy wielding options for you to choose from, from the basic cotton candy machine, to an adorable cotton candy cart, to a large cotton candy cart to fulfill even the wildest of spun candy dreams. You may even decide to add to the festive food flair with some of our other fun food machines.

If you want to turn your get-together into a party, or turn your gathering into a festival, it’s time to take it to the next level and see what Fiesta Rentals has to offer for your event. Our online party shop makes it easy for you to take a closer look at the rentals and services available, ask questions about specific items, and quickly get more information and guidance through our instant chat option.

Let’s get the party started!