Party Train Rental

Extend you party and event to the travel experience. The whole idea when you get on a train is to feel like you're traveling, and especially kids love this concept. The party train rental will transport the life of your guest and kids to another level of entertainment to a fun ride.

How many times have you attended a party or event with your kids and is really hard for you to also enjoy the atmosphere and be part of the party not seeing and looking for the way to entertain them ? 

For an outdoor festival, this amazing entertainment will work together with the sometimes difficult purpose to amuse and divert your guests; but this time will be in a fun ride.  Living in a city where one of the main transportation habits is a commuter train, this amazing and attractive idea to be offered in your event will make more real the experience for kids and adults.

At Fiesta Rentals we can bring the reality of a daily routine accessible to your kids with a mechanical ride and it owns driver, this experience will transport you to a real world where young kids will use their imagination to transport their minds in this amazing ride.

How can you bring Thomas the Train’s experience to a real event? Is the summer coming soon? Are you looking to prepare an event as a part of a summer fun activity and party?

Considering how many times in the year we are inside our homes participating at indoor events because of some extreme weather conditions are in our area, if you live in Toronto or Mississauga where winter months are freezing and the cold and the snow takes us to inside locations to find entertainment, this amazing trackless train to divert and entertain your guests is absolutely incredible enjoying the nature, the spring weather and summer fun in a festival outdoor.

Toddlers, babies, and kids love the idea of “real things” that cannot be considered toys most of the time, for example; magazines that are non-kid magazines, fun restaurants where they can be part of the audience singing or acting. “Real things” are actually more loved by kids than actual toys. Experiences are more valuable in life that actual things and kids seem to love them more than physical and common toys.

The electrical train available at Fiesta Rentals is a mechanical ride where a private driver will transport your mind to an unforgettable experience in your own place sharing this bright moment with your guests in a sophisticated and chic way to feel that you are the owner of this transport mode and its adventures inside and outside your site.

Are you part of a corporate business world?  Many times as business’ individuals or head of any corporation we try to organize events to recompense and reward our employees. Let’s get together as a whole company and bring our families to celebrate success and achievements. Fiesta Rentals will provide you with the latest in entertainment as this amazing electrical train to enjoy with family and kids.

Let Fiesta Rentals be part of your life and kids’ experiences!