This holiday why not have an outdoor Santa Village with dazzling displays of  colourful life size figurines. Our grand holiday display sets will be sure to bring a twinkle to your eyes and light up everyone's face full of joy. 
Have your guest take away a memorable photo with them that will last a lifetime. Whether, you are looking for an indoor or outdoor Christmas Photo Display Set or Photo Booths. We have something for everyone to love and to take away a tangible memory with them. We have stunning holiday decor, christmas backdrops, christmas chairs, thrones, santa chairs, decorated christmas trees and more for your guests to take amazing photos.
This holiday season, buckle up because we will take you on a all new drive-thru experience! A drive through event is a great way for your guest to experience a safe social holiday experience.  We offer a huge selection of holiday decor, photo booths, treat giveaways and fun games to create the perfect and memorable drive thru experience.   
This holiday season you can still show your customers your appreciation, with socially responsible holiday displays sets, drive-thru and photo booth stations. Customers and their families can  drive up to beautiful holiday display sets or to a social distance Photo Booth and take photos.
Are you looking for safe company Holiday party ideas in 2020? Our FiestaRentals team can help you create all-new drive thru, gift giveaways, activities and entertainment to provide you with a socially distant and safe corporate holiday party. Show your employees and their families your appreciation while still doing something special for them.