Create A Memorable Event! Tips To Make It Happen

Don’t you hate it when you are trying to put together an event but don’t know where to start? Whether it’s a private event, corporate or a holiday it’s hard to create something that will please anyone and everyone at your event.  You want all your guests to have fun and enjoy the time they will spend at this occasion.

Let’s say you already have something planned out in your head, but sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and we tend to do plenty of overthinking.
Here’s the thing, planning an event shouldn’t be stressful at all.  The process might seem long, tedious and draining, but it shouldn’t be like that. At the end of the day the goal is to plan a day full of fun activities for you and all your guests, so why not make the process.

We will break down exactly how to achieve the perfect event without all the browsing and time wasting you might think it’ll take.

Steps to a great successful event:

  1. The venue: wherever you think you would like to throw this party you have to make sure you will have enough space for your guest. This can be your living room, back yard, a party room, a park or a banquet hall.
  2. The food: one of the most important things you have to choose wisely.  Keeping in mind people who are vegans, who have allergies and of course your budget. It’s always safe to go with things that most people like.
  3. The entertainment: this is one of the hardest things to decide when throwing an event.  As you have to think about the different age groups you will be having at the event. For example, at a holiday event you might have to accommodate ages anywhere from toddlers to seniors, as all ages tend to attend these events; and here is where the stress and overthinking can take over you.

We will give you some tips on choosing the right source of entertainment for all ages, at any type of event.

Toddlers: The ones that are sometimes forgotten at events. Some people think because toddlers are stuck to their parents they don’t need other types of entertainment., which is always wrong as most of times the parents also want to have a little break to enjoy themselves. The best entertainment for toddlers would be a soft play playground. This will keep the little ones occupied and burning energy while playing in a safe environment without parents having to worry about anyone getting hurt. Soft play items such as rocking horses, ball pits, ladders and slides, the little ones would never want to leave the zone!

Kids: this is probably the hardest age group to please, as kids ages may vary and attention spans are different from one kid to another. Choose a wide range of entertainment that will keep them busy and wanting more. There’s nothing worse than a bored kid at an event. The best ideas would be anything from a jumping castle, carnival games (if they go with the theme) maybe even some arcade games, and of course something that can’t never be left out, is cotton candy, popcorn, or sno-kones! With any of those fun foods you will score 100 and kids will be left wanting more.

Young adults: The ones that might still act like kids but are old enough to not be allowed in the jumping castle, or might find the carnival games boring. Something to keep them entertained at any event would be the table top games. Who doesn’t love a challenging foosball match, or an endless air hockey tournament? Or even simpler things like a giant connect 4 or giant jenga? These big versions of the classic games will make them feel like little kids again.

Adults/Parents: Depending on the type of event you are planning there are endless possibilities to keep adults entertained. Things that we mentioned for young adults will definitely work with adults too! Or you can go a little more specific like a casino night for those who love to gamble, black jack & poker will make them want to stay even when the event is about to end.

All ages: This is something that will entertain the whole crowd, from little ones to older ones, no matter the age.  A Photo booth will be a hit at any type of event. Guest will interact with each other, putting on silly props and taking lots of pictures. A fun photo booth is something that can never go wrong!!
And let’s not forget something very very important… music!! The best way to keep all age groups entertained is music, from top 40s to classics oldies; music is something that can’t be missing at your event. Don’t waste your time putting together the perfect playlist, just hire a DJ and let them take care of it!

Entertainers: add and special touch to any kind of event with entertainers. There will always be something for everyone; face painting and twisting balloons are any kid’s favourite. Magicians, clowns, a super fun kids show, the options are endless.

For the mature audience, a caricaturist would be perfect as the guests will be able to take a little something home and will be a nice reminder of when they were at the event!

Now that your brain is flooded with ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us to help you create that perfect unique event that you have been dreaming of! Let the planning begin……