Our soft play equipment is designed specifically to encourage toddlers to be interactive in a fun and safe environment.  It allows toddlers to use their imagination, further their social skills and can help with physical and motor skills development. Parents can relax while their little ones safely have fun and play away.

The Rainbow Package is one of our most popular soft play packages. The vibrant colours of this package will trigger children’s imaginations and build their self-confidence. Children will love the colourful and fun soft play shapes to build with, climb over and play on in this package. Soft play is not only great fun but for skills like balance and co-ordination. The Rainbow Package is a great asset at any event, where children can play & be entertained.
This comprehensive package includes some of the best soft play we have to offer, providing for up to 14 children. We have created a fun, beautiful and colorful play area that will stimulate your child's imagination. They will love the sounds of the interactive soft play musical keyboard. It also includes a pair of vibrant and colourful bouncy animals, a ball pit and more that will keep the little ones entertained for hours. Little ones can be interactive in an enjoyable way – while playing, crawling under a tunnel, climbing up and down, all within a fun and safe environment.
Adventure Package is a larger soft play package that little ones will enjoy. We have created a package with safe and colourful vibrant toys and equipment to keep toddlers entertained. They will have so much fun burying themselves in the elevated ball pit. It includes soft play cubes, a soft play ball pit, climbing wall, slide and more, for approximately 1-10 kids!
Our Candy Package is perfect to keep little ones amused while having fun. The Candy Package doesn’t require a large space, and it would be great whether it’s in your living room, class room or a banquet room. This is enough for a party of 1-6 children and includes an exciting collection of amazing toys and soft play equipment. The little ones will be sure to have tons of fun, whether they are rocking back and forth on the rocking animals or crawling over the colourful bridge.
To create your own package shoose one selection from this group.