Most deflated, folded up jumping castle units can fit into an SUV or even a mini van, allowing you to pick-up your jumping castle rental. There are also smaller inflatable units that can fit into 4 door vehicles and sedans.

Be sure to go online to your city’s Parks and Recreation section to get a complete listing of facilities that allow picnics, social gatherings, wedding ceremonies and special events.

Huge Tank filled with water, Large Bulls Eye, Innocent Victim in the Hot Seat, a Heckling Crowd…this can only add up to one thing a DUNK TANK! 

One thing that comes around every year is your Kid’s Birthday Party.

Today, many people are becoming sedentary due to extra working hours, lack of exercise, not practicing sports, spending several hours at the computer and new technologies, among other factors. In our childhood, we were full of energy and had a lot of fun with a variety of games and sports.

Summertime is one of the best times to throw a party. The gorgeous days, the long hours of sunlight, the warmth and of course all the possibilities.

Looking for something special or different for your Company Christmas Party? In the previous note, we cover topics such as Christmas decoration, entertainment ideas, food and music. Now, we’ll keep giving you extra tips.