With the snow finally showing its colour or lack of it we know the holidays are almost here once again. So lets make it fun and warm cause its too cold lately. 


What's going on party people?

The Olympics maybe done but the Para Olympics are on the way. So let's keep the theme going.

What's up Party People!!! Its's been a short while. Sorry been a busy couple of weeks. Here is one reason why it was so busy.

Not too long ago I was a part of an annual event that "A Sharp" Music school does. Fiesta Rentals long time customer.

What's up party people!

Ok let's talk about parties. We often think of having parties for kids. Blow up castles loot bags and cake. We have fun and often wish we can relive our youth again when we see kids running around with smiles and laughing.

Sadly the summer is slowly coming to an end soon. Good part is the parties can still be just as hot! Back to school parties, Halloween ideas, Adult party ideas will ensure your summer stays around a bit longer. Let's show you how.

What's up party people!

Let's talk about Movies. Whether it's Adventure, Sci Fi, or Funny Cartoons. There is something for everyone. This leads me to movie parties. Now don't get me wrong, having a birthday party at the movie theater is an idea.